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Strawberries, Lobster and Lighthouses

measuring lobster

It is Strawberry season in Maine and if you’re like me, it’s the best time of the year. You’ll see them at all of our farm stands and local markets and front and center on many menus. Maine’s strawberries are considered by many, to be amongst the most flavorful in the world.


The Cape Farm Alliance in Cape Elizabeth, is celebrating with their annual Strawberry Festival on Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th. They’ll be a tickets only Lobster Bake & Pig Roast on Friday and a free Strawberry Festival on Saturday. Check out the Cape Farm Alliance Facebook page for details.

Since you’ll already be in Cape Elizabeth, I also recommend a drive over to Fort Williams Park to see Portland Headlight, one of Maine’s most visited and photographed lighthouses. While you’re there, have a lobster roll at Bite Into Maine. They’re serving up unforgettable lobster rolls from a food truck — if you don’t believe me, check out their outstanding reviews on Yelp.

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