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Portland: Working Waterfront Walk

Discover the vibrant and historic waterfront with us!

Quick Details

With over 350 years of history as a center for shipping, fishing, commerce, and
travel, the Portland Working Waterfront offers a unique mix of heritage and innovation. Combining private and public piers in support of a full range of commercial marine activities, Portland Harbor boasts a true working waterfront in the heart of Maine’s largest city.

Join us as we show you how Portland invites it’s visitors with dockside restaurants, historic architecture, harbor tours, and local and international ferry service. Discover how work and play coexist on the waterfront with a fascinating and evolving mix of uses.

Your walk begins in front of The Custom House where lobstermen would file paperwork to have their boats inspected and merchants would pay their import taxes. The tour continues for 2 hours through the historic Old Port, downtown and waterfront areas, sharing highlights of Portland’s history from present day and as far back as 1632.