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Valentine Bandit’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day in Portland, Maine, or as we refer to it, Valentine Bandit’s Day.   Every 14th of February the city wakes up to our downtown festooned in red hearts.  Who does it?  Where do they all come from?  Who has that much tape?  Somebody knows – multiple people know because there are 1000s of them – but nobody is giving anybody else up, not for many years.  And then, last year, in April, we learned that the organizer of hearts, a generous spirit by all accounts, Kevin Fahrman, has passed away.  That is a sad day for the city, sadder for his family to lose such a man of whimsey and dedication.

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Will the tradition reset?  It most certainly will!  Will somebody pick up the fallen baton?  Why, yes!  Kevin’s daughter, Sierra, has launched the “Be a Kevin” campaign. Go to their website (, print off your own paper heart and post it somewhere, anonymously and help to continue the legacy that has brought so much joy to so many people.

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“I carry on his legacy. I want to remind people that he was something more than just the bandit,” Fahrman said.

Valentine’s Day is just past.  Happy to report there was much festooning.  Thanks Kevin, wherever you are now.  Longfellow’s “beautiful city by the sea” is forever grateful to you.

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Written by Portland Tour Guide – Ross

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Referred to by his family as a “fuzzy foreigner”, Ross grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, fell in love with a woman from Boston, and has been in Maine raising his family for over 20 years now. He loves Maine and loves his job as a tour guide, both for the interaction with new people it affords him (don’t be surprised to get as many questions as you ask) and the constant exploration he is always making of the many intricate and fascinating links between his adopted state and his homeland.

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