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Casco Bay Bubbles & Oysters Cruise

Quick Details


Ready to enjoy World Class Maine oysters on Casco Bay?

Maine has been harvesting oysters for a long time, and now there are over 150 farms along our 3,500 miles of rugged coastline growing a wide and delicious variety. Oysters here grow slowly, soaking up the flavors of the sea and influenced by their water temperature and salinity. You’ll taste the differences as we serve up 3 local varieties on this adventure! Your guide will also educate you on the life and growth of oysters, their history, and curative powers! Are they an aphrodisiac? That’s your secret but we will know if you join us again and again!

The details:

We will gather for your 2 hour adventure onboard the Brianna Marie, a Young Brothers 38′ Flybridge model built in Maine for stability and spaciousness at sea. There is plenty of comfortable seating, and a head (bathroom and washroom) .

You’ll enjoy a choice of champagne (or beers, waters, soft drinks) to be enjoyed complimentarily along with delicious oysters.

On your scenic cruise of Casco Bay Harbor, you will be enjoying views of lighthouses, military forts on the nearby islands, marine life and more! On board, guests will be treated to fresh oysters as quickly as we can shuck them with an expert shucker on board,

We look forward to sharing with you the fabulous sites and fantastic tastes of Casco Bay!