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Archive: Dec 2020

Healthy Holiday Meal Ideas

Healthy Holiday Meals  This holiday season will definitely be much different than it has in the past. Navigating the holiday through the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge we all must face. To brighten your plates, we have put together three easy and healthy recipes for you to try. Here are some simple, immune-boosting recipes to consider serving this holiday season.  Anise tea  Ingredients: -3 cups of water -2 teaspoons of anise seeds -1 cinnamon stick -2 tablespoons of honey -2 black tea bags In a saucepan, combine everything except for the blackt tea bags. Bring to a simmer for three minutes. Strain the liquid. Pour the liquid into mugs. Place a tea bag in each mug and allow it to steep for three minutes. Enjoy! Roasted Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: -2 large sweet potatoes, diced -3 tablespoons of olive oil -2…

COVID Conscious Holiday Activities

COVID-19 Conscious Holiday Activities in Maine The holiday season this year will look a little bit different for everyone this year, but that doesn’t mean your family has to compromise their holiday spirit! While remaining safe and socially distant is of utmost importance, there are plenty of activities to do in Maine this winter. Here’s Maine Foodie Tours’ guide to a safe and fun holiday season.  Take a Walking History Tour with us! While our public Foodie Tours have been put on hold, our Walking History Tours are still running! We are currently offering private and public Walking History Tours, and private Food Tours. Our Walking History Tours are a great way to enrich yourself in the stories our cities have to tell. You may also get a chance to see the town’s holiday decorations! Book here now. Kennebunkport’s Christmas…