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Kennebunkport- Evening Ghost Tour with Folklore, Gossip & Scandals!

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A spirited 90 minute Walking Tour

Welcome to Ghosts, Gossip and Scandals Tour of Kennebunkport, Maine, where history and hauntings intertwine! Prepare to embark on a potential spine-tingling and definitely entertaining journey through the shadows of this quaint coastal town, as you delve into its storied past and learn about the restless spirits roaming many historic homes.

As the moon casts an ethereal glow, your local guide will lead you through the heart of Kennebunkport’s historic district. You will be captivated by the enthralling tales of long-lost souls, tragic events, and supernatural encounters that have left an indelible mark on this town, along with a lot of humorous anecdotes of town characters, like the first “Miss Dumpy” of 1960 and the tales of a longtime crossing guard who left her mark.

Step back in time as you pass by centuries-old buildings, once home to sea captains and prominent figures whose spirits may linger in their former abodes. Listen carefully as we share lots of stories about the town coffin maker, notable figures and their tragic struggles back in 1812, the “rustling lady” known to scare guests, a captain’s widow making her presence known, and more.

Uncover the mysteries surrounding Kennebunkport’s haunted landmarks, such as the haunted inn where guests have reported inexplicable occurrences and spectral encounters.

Pay homage to the dearly departed and reflect upon the town’s hauntingly beautiful past while learning where the town basement speakeasies used to host largely illegal parties.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, this immersive tour promises an unforgettable experience, combining history, folklore, and a touch of otherworldly mystery.

Join us on the Ghost Tour of Kennebunkport and venture into the realm of the unknown. But beware, for the spirits of the past may just cross your path when you least expect it.