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Kennebunkport’s Walk ThroughTime, A Guided Tour Through the Historic District

Quick Details

Person Ages 5 and Up
Seniors 65+
Active Military/Veterans

This is an iconic walking tour by local guides that enables you to understand and appreciate how Kennebunkport came to be!

Your walking tour will begin at Dock Square and allow for you to step back in history and see Kennebunkport as the historic fishing village and booming shipbuilding town it once was. You will stroll along Maine Street and weave your way past the homes of shipbuilders, merchants, philanthropists and famous artists of the 18th and 19th century while learning all of their stories.

Hear about Kennebunkport’s original Native American settlers hunting and gathering bison and caribou and then later tribes coming to enjoy the seashore and its offerings of fish, crabs, clams and lobsters.

Ever wonder how Kennebunkport and Cape Porpoise got their names? How “Poor Arundel” as it was known in 1743, become one of the wealthiest towns in Maine by 1810? What happened at the Customs House during the ship building era to collect $119,850 in taxes in 1812 to over $1 Million in 1850? Join us to learn all this and more on a beautiful walk through time.

We will end the tour at Dock Square, bringing you full circle.