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Cannabis Curious; An Introductory Walk

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Are you curious about the benefits of cannabis?

The State of Maine has been harvesting cannabis for a long time, and now recognizes it as legal for both medical use and adult enjoyment. Join our local experts to understand how cannabis grown in Maine may benefit you while you are visiting the Pine Tree state.

You will be introduced to locally owned and operated businesses to learn about CBD, flowers, concentrates, tinctures, lemonades, oils, edibles and glassware with an opportunity to make purchases to be enjoyed legally here in Maine.

Along the walk, you will learn some of the benefits of cannabis from studies shown to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure while also aiding in sleep and more.

We will begin with a coffee drink of your choice and (optional) CBD, followed by lunch mid-route and finishing up with a Maine craft beer.

This tour is educational by design and does not provide or serve any cannabis products. Please note that it is not federally legal to take cannabis across state lines.